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SF Football FAQ'S (geared for new players)




Q:        Is there an equipment deposit in high school?

A:        No, there is a fee to play football ($225.00 for freshman; $250.00 for everyone else) and some other misc. equipment that you will need to purchase, but there is no deposit required.


Q:        How do I register my son for high school football?

A:        Attend fall roundup for important information regarding registration and the upcoming season.  Registration is now online but this is still an important night for us to kick off the season and communicate policies, schedules, etc...It is a busy night, please be on time! 


Q:        Do I need a physical examination to play football?

A:        Yes, to participate in HS athletics you will need a current physical on file in our athletic office.  Physical examinations will need to be completed every 3 years.  For more information please contact Heidi Antinozzi at 213-1508; don’t wait until the last minute!


Q:        What is the time commitment required to play football at SFHS?

A:        There is a significant increase in the number of practices required to play high school football from 8th grade football.  There is also a significant investment in the amount of training that our kids engage in during the offseason.  Our firm belief is that we should pursue excellence in all things; off-season training and in-season practices in particular.  Practices run every day after school in addition to the 2-a-day practices beginning in August.


Q:        When does football start?

A:        The first practice of the season is Monday, August 13th. 

Q:        What times are practices?

A:        The first two weeks of practice are different than the rest of the season.  In the first two weeks, we will practice in the early morning to early afternoon.  Recent MSHSL rules have resulted in time changes for each day so please attend fall roundup for up to date information.


Q:        Are all football practices mandatory? 

A:        YES!  Practice is a necessary element of our sport and is critical to our success.  Please make every effort to schedule appointments at a time when it does not conflict with practice.


Q:        When are practices?

A:        The first two weeks of the season, practices will be held in the early morning and will end in the early afternoon.  After the first two weeks, practices run from 2:30-5:30 (depending on each team’s schedule and needs).  The freshman and B-squad team’s practice on: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday (except for 2015 this will change some).  Some practices may finish early depending on that week’s schedule and the needs of the team.


Q:        When are the freshman games and B-Squad games?

A:        Games are typically played on Thursday’s beginning anywhere from 4:00-4:30.  Please refer to the St Francis athletic website (http://gostfrancissaints.com/for changes and cancellations.


Q:        What if my son is behind in school and needs to pay attention to his academics?

A:        The chosen path of a student-athlete is a demanding yet rewarding endeavor.  Your education is extremely important to your long term success; when we talk about the student-athlete, the student always comes first.  However, that can mean different things to different people; as a Saint Francis Football player you are expected to be able to be both a quality student and a quality football player.   That will mean that you may have to sacrifice some free time in order to complete your homework, study for a test, or finish a project after practices, on weekends, or on days off from school.  You are expected to manage your time wisely and maintain good standing in school and in football.  Missing practice is detrimental to the team; therefore you may be expected to arrive at school early for study table with the coaching staff if time management becomes an issue.  You are expected to attend every practice.


Q:        What is study table?

A:        Study table is a mandatory part of our practices and is held once per week.  The kids will be supervised by the coaches in a mandatory homework/study session.


Q:        What are the ‘grade reports’ that need to be signed?

A:        Each week every player will need to print off a current grade report and have it signed by a parent or legal guardian.  We want each family and the coaches to know first-hand how are players are performing in school.  If there is a problem with a player’s grades he will be directed to work on that class during study table.  If the problem persists, there may be additional interventions that do not involve missing practices.


Q:        What is the attendance policy for practices and games?

A:        Football players are not allowed to have any unexcused absences from practices or games. Players who miss one such practice will forfeit the privilege of playing in one half of the next scheduled competition. A second unexcused absence from practice or a first unexcused absence from a game will subject the player to automatic dismissal from the team.  For more information please review our team handbook and always contact your coach if you will not be at practice.



Q:        Are there eligibility requirements for participation in high school athletics?

A:        Yes.  There are several major eligibility requirements for participation.

1.     Beginning the first trimester of your freshman year, a student may not have more than 1 F, 1 incomplete, or combination of the two in the previous trimester in order to compete at the start of the season.  If an athlete is passing their classes (in the current trimester) at mid-term, the athlete will be re-instated and is eligible to compete.  Therefore, your grades this fall will determine your eligibility in the winter and your grades in the spring will determine your eligibility next fall.

2.     You must be in school for the full day or have a reasonable excuse to be eligible to participate in games/practice if you are absent.

3.     You must remain chemical free.