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Team Meals


Q:  How many people do we typically feed?
A:  That depends on the size of the roster each year; but typically we plan for between 65 and 80 people.

Q:  Where does the food come from?
A:  Sometimes, local businesses donate a meal (or parts of a meal) and other times our booster club cooks and prepares the food.  

Q:  Is there a budget for team meals?
A:  Yes, the booster club has a budget of $250.00 per meal.

Q:  Where is the meal served?
A:  Most of the team meals will be served at SFHS in the Bridge Street room.  However, there is no meal preparation allowed at the school.  All food must be fully cooked prior to arrival.

Q:  What are typical menu items?
A:  Pizza, pasta, and sandwiches are most common but there are very few restrictions on the types of entrees served.  Other items include: milk or sports drinks, some type of salad, dinner rolls, and various deserts are offered.

Q:  How many volunteers do we need?
A:  We have done this with in past years with 4-6 people but that makes it very demanding.  It does take some effort to pull this off and many hands make light work, so sign up today!